''Patton's Madness: The Dark Side of a Battlefield Genius''
Jim Sudmeier

ISBN: 9780811768986 | 160 pages | 4 Mb


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Patton's Madness: The Dark Side of a Battlefield Genius Jim Sudmeier
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Dwight Eisenhower called General George S. Patton “mentally unbalanced” and “just like a time bomb,” and indeed, the egotistical, mercurial, aggressive Patton is perhaps as well known for his daring battlefield exploits as for his questionable behavior and eccentric beliefs. In a brief but probing assessment of Patton’s life based on strong research in primary sources and knowledge of psychology, Jim Sudmeier considers the mind of Patton: what made this military genius tick? To what extent was Patton’s boldness and brilliance as a general, his willingness to welcome risk and danger, connected to his unstable personality? Sudmeier presents a myth-shattering reconsideration of one of military history’s most famous commanders.